Variety of Building Material Innovation 2018

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Researchers and designers are experimenting a lot with unusual materials throughout 2018. Throughout this year, there have been several innovations carried out, especially in making building material materials, such as Graphene. A group of scientists from the University of Exeter created new concrete by mixing graphene material.

Graphene or graphene is the strongest semi-metal material that has ever been tested. This material is very efficient in flowing heat and electricity. The material is claimed to be stronger, more environmentally friendly, and more durable than ordinary concrete. This concrete mixture is made using nano technology, making it twice as strong, and four times more resistant to water.

Brick from human urine This year, researchers have also discovered other material innovations that are considered environmentally friendly. The bricks made from human urine are innovations made by researchers from Binghamton University, New York. This brick is made by mixing sand and bacteria that produce urase. Urase itself is an enzyme that breaks down urea in the urine, which at the same time produces calcium carbonate.

This mixture then produces the same brick with limestone. The difference is in strength. The strength of the brick from urine can be adjusted from the time the bacteria inside it is allowed to grow. The longer the bacteria in the brick is allowed to grow, the stronger the material is.

Semen with carrot mixture Researchers from Lancaster Unversity, UK used nanoparticles extracted from carrots and root vegetables into cement. This mixture of cement and carrot is claimed to increase the strength of concrete. In addition, the use of this mixture is also considered to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide released.

Building blocks from leftover material A woman from Gaza, Palestine, Majd Mashharawi managed to make building blocks from material that was easily found. The idea of ​​making this innovation came after his house was destroyed by the war.

The building block called Green Cake is made of a mixture of little imported cement, building debris, and ash. This concrete beam is also lighter than ordinary beams. Now Green Cake has been mass produced in Gaza. A home factory works on all beam making.

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