Tips for Checking Building Quality When Buying a Home

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This is important, check the quality of the building when going to buy a house, whether it’s a new house or even a second-hand house. Nothing, comfort and safety factors are things that need to be considered in a dwelling, including also from the aesthetic side. Do not let you buy a new house and only have it renovated.

For resale homes, the age of the building needs to be considered. As for the new home, you need to be careful to check the specifications of the building. Nothing, there are a handful of unscrupulous contractors who like to lower specifications or save building materials. As a result, the quality of the building is low and not as promised.

The quality of buildings depends on the specifications of building materials and how to build them. For new homes the building material specifications are usually listed on the home brochure. But also do not easily believe the specifications listed in the brochure, because brochures can at any time be changed unilaterally by the developer.

Don’t be easily tempted by the sweet mouth of the housing market staff, especially if the house isn’t ready stock. For convenience, take advantage of property reviews that are only available at, presented objectively and transparently so that you can assess residential material specifications, infrastructure development plans around the site, to price comparisons with other occupations around your targeted housing.

So for those of you who want to buy a house? Here are tips from to check the quality of the building.

Tips to check the quality of the building of the indent house
If the house is not ready stock or pivot, then you need to ask some questions to the developer to check the quality of the building. If you do not understand the technical terms or about building materials, invite people who understand, such as builders.

What is the size of the actual house If you need to do the measurements yourself.
What materials are used for foundations, walls, floors, tiles, and ceilings.
What type of material is used for the frame and roof frame.
What size is cast iron used. A strong house must use at least 8mm diameter.
What type of electrical cable is used and how much electricity is provided.
How high is the ceiling of the house. Low ceilings make the house hot.
How is the air circulation and sanitation system.
These questions need to be asked, so that from the outset you can find out the true condition of the house. Do not let the mortgage repayments have paid off, but the house must be renovated.

Building Check Tips
Want to have an ideal place to live? Here are the tips.

Tips to check the quality of new house buildings and resale
Considering that construction and building materials are technical in nature, it is easy to bring construction workers. And to make a purchase transaction, also use the services of a professional property agent registered at who will accompany you during the transaction process.

And what you need to check is:

Are there stains, mold, or moisture on the wall. Moist wall a sign of leakage. Check especially in wet areas such as bathrooms and dishwasher areas. Even though it’s not a big damage, you will need serious repairs.
Check the robustness of the ceiling. In a new home, you might not be able to detect this damage. But for resale houses, ceiling damage often occurs in buildings that are less sturdy. Try checking the physical shape of the ceiling, whether it has begun to shrink or loose.
Check the contents of the cabinet in the wet area. If the house is full furnished, it is equipped with a kitchen set or cupboard, open all the doors to detect if there is a smell of damp and mold A damp odor can be an indication of water leakage or weathered wood.
Check the wall crack. Note if there are cracks in the inner and outer walls. Wall cracks that have a width of more than 2mm can trigger larger cracks.
Mushroom checks in the bedroom or bathroom. Mushrooms usually look like dirty clouds on the walls and ceiling, even they still leave marks after cleaning.
Check the interior wall plaster. For a new home, you can check the contractor’s workability from the inner wall plaster. If there is an error, usually fiber cracks will appear on several sides. These cracks can get bigger when the wall will be painted.

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