Sequis Center Wins “Gold” Green Building Ranking

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equis Center, an office building in the Central Business District (CBD) of Sudirman, South Jakarta, previously known as S. Widjojo Center, won a Gold rating in GREENSHIP certification. Offices completed by construction in 1980, have implemented the operation of a green-based building with GREENSHIP Existing Building 1.0 benchmarks from the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). The achievement of certification from a non-profit institution that focuses on building transformation in Indonesia is FARPOINT’s commitment as the manager of Sequis Center in supporting sustainable environmental ecosystems. Since the implementation of green-based building operations with GREENSHIP Existing Building 1.0 benchmarks, Sequis Center has managed to achieve electricity usage savings of up to 28.12 percent from the baseline, and saving water use up to 28.26 percent.

This was achieved through various adjustments in fulfilling the requirements to be eligible to be called green building. Among them are efficiency & conservation (efficiency and energy savings) and water conservation (saving water) by replacing various more efficient and environmentally friendly utility devices such as the use of LED lights and automatic water taps. Other efforts include material resources and cycles (material cycles and resources) through waste management, appropriate site development, indoor health and comfort (comfort and health in buildings), and building environment management (building environment management). ), as well as educational and outreach efforts to all building residents to reduce the negative impact on the environment in their daily activities through beyond green campaigns.

“As a property developer, our vision is not only limited to establishing and managing buildings that are physically innovative, but providing quality experiences and creating more value for our stakeholders. “It is no exception to support the establishment of a sustainable environmental ecosystem at Sequis Center, which we acquired and managed since 2008 as one of the buildings with a long history in Jakarta,” said Chief Executive Officer of FARPOINT Jusup Halimi

Green Building Council Indonesia’s Chairperson Naning Adiwoso added that the application of the green building concept requires a very strong commitment. Sequis Center summarizes the example of the owner and manager’s concern for the future of Indonesia’s generation that is healthy and friendly to the environment.

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