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As a Balinese man who earned a fortune from tourism in Bali since 1969, I was very worried and sad to read that the height of buildings in Bali would be changed. Denpasar and several places in Bali are very productive and often jammed.
The number of vehicles milling about in Bali is certainly due to the positive impact of tourism, because tourism actors are able to buy four-wheeled vehicles, sometimes more than one vehicle.

The impact of Bali tourism today is indeed very extraordinary, not only the positive impact, as well as the negative impact. Compared to Bali tourism in the 70s, it is undeniable that the progress of Bali tourism is now truly advanced, of course not evenly distributed to the people of Bali.

’’The kagiat kadi siningbering flash’ ‘, I was very surprised as if struck by lightning reading the Bali Post whose contents representatives of the people planned to change the height of buildings in Bali. Sorry and with all due respect that I am of the opinion that these gentlemen are not wrong but ignorant, don’t bother.

Most foreign tourists who have visited many countries, tell me to take care of Bali even though I am only a tourist guide. They were very impressed to see for themselves how the Balinese generally behave.

Foreign tourists really love Balinese culture and want Balinese to maintain their culture. In addition, they admire Balinese buildings that are nuanced in Bali, plus shady trees.

Personally, I experienced it myself when I visited other countries, most of which I visited more than twice, except America. When they found out I was from Bali, their faces turned happy and they told me about the good impression they had during their visit in Bali. And almost all of them want to return to visit the island of Bali.

My other experience was when I went to Europe with my wife and son on a cruise ship called Oceana. I was surprised and amazed to see and hear that 75 Balinese people work on the cruise ship. Those who worked on the cruise ship were also surprised because there were no Balinese on board the cruise ship where they worked.

Indeed, I realize there is a shortage of our tourism in Bali, but foreign tourists still have a high interest in visiting Bali. Of the shortcomings of Bali tourism that is clearly visible in our eyes are unclean river water in some places, plastic waste that is mounting everywhere but has received serious attention from all parties, to the extent that foreign tourists are interested in helping. Plus roads that have been around and often jammed, need to be added or widened.

My writing is not intended to teach swimming fish at all, but I cannot imagine that tall buildings are scattered everywhere on the island of Bali that we love. Not to mention investors from outside Bali do the same thing, how will this Bali be.

The island of Bali has always been sought after by outsiders, but it is said that Bali is said to want to be bought by outside traders. My conclusion is, for Bali it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight (in the dog), which means we prioritize quality not quantity.

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