Designing Today’s Building Designs

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The current form of housing no longer has to always follow the trends. The development of design trends and the needs of residents of the house, greatly influences the formation of the style of his house.

Before planning to build a house or renovate a house, of course you always have your own questions. What is the current home design trend like? Questions like this are very reasonable because you don’t want an uncomfortable and old place to live.

“Today’s homes generally prefer to play with new ideas both in terms of architecture, interiors, and parts of the landscape. Because of that, now houses with modern styles are the target, “said architect Denny Setiawan.

Even though home design is always developing, it would be better if you make a home that is in accordance with your own environment, habits and character.

There is nothing wrong with you following the trends. However, do not let you become a victim of mere trends. If you see the meaning of a house is a shelter for someone and family after completing different activities every day.

“Many personal things affect the planning of a place to live. Suppose a house with modern architecture can be displayed with a traditional touch. This is because the people are still influenced by their culture, and can be seen during the division of functions, “said Denny.

Sometimes because of busy activity, you are not too aware that this greatly affects the shape of your home facade. “Most for some people who have high activity really like the minimalist style. “The form of this residence is very visible from the appearance of facades that are simpler and lighter,” said the architect born in Bandung.

Talking about buildings, certainly not just a matter of physical form. A residential design, it’s good to be able to represent the characteristics of the occupants rather than just prioritizing trends.

“Because of this cultural diversity, there are now many people who have begun to make their homes no longer shackled by existing trends. This means that the development of current design trends is also influenced by material technology and diverse application methods, “said Denny.

Evidence of the development of existing materials for housing is the walls of the house which are now no longer decorated with colorful paint, but can be created with unfinished cement or exposed concrete that can provide natural colors and a simple but open impression.

“Creating on the wall, it’s good not to fix it only on cement and concrete. Grassblocks that are usually identical to cover the ground in the garage, it can be used as a wall decor. Or it could be by using decorative elements such as beverage bottles to give a unique and aesthetic impression on the wall, “Denny said.

Today’s tropical home style is still a trend that is widely applied to residence. The application of this style is solely due to climate factors in Indonesia which sometimes feel excessively hot, have high levels of humidity, and also high rainfall.

“Building a tropical dwelling is not just about taking into account that the building does not feel hot and when it rains are not affected. However, what must be taken into account is how to create comfort in it, for example by making a high ceiling, cross ventilation, or the shape of a sloping roof, “said Denny.

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