Character Building for Better Indonesia

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Tomorrow is the national education day, have we experienced a change in the world of education towards a better direction?

“Indonesian education is in an emergency. These facts are a crisis that must be changed immediately, “Anies said, in the presentation of material before the heads of provincial, district / city education offices throughout Indonesia, in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Minister clearly stated that Indonesian education is currently in an alarming state. Dropouts, school fees are very expensive, and other astonishing news about the world of education is breakfast every day.

This cannot be allowed to drag on. Education is the basis for all aspects of life. Education teaches all things, and the most important thing is good character education. This character builds all one’s ethics. Once the news of murder, crime, jerqat drugs, and so on, is an indicator that character education is in a very deep decline.

The solution is to include character education in every curriculum used in the world of education in this country. Both formal and non-formal. Thus every thing that is taught is based on the principle of character building and results in good character = good character for a better Indonesia.

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