Awareness of Building a “Green Building” in Indonesia is Still Mini

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Green building applications in Indonesia are still difficult because of the lack of awareness of investors or entrepreneurs in the building industry. According to General Chairman of the Indonesian Architecture Association (IAI) Ahmad Djuhara, there is currently no similar thought between the architects and clients who hired them to design buildings. “Indonesian architects are already aware, but they work according to the orders of clients and these clients often consider it better to build an ordinary building than green building,” he explained to, last week. Djuhara instead of blaming the client, he admitted that the conditions in the field were like that. Therefore, he hopes that all parties are aware and teaching in schools about the importance of green building is added. “Until finally, the clients themselves demanded the architect to design a green building design,” he added.

The client’s reluctance to request a green building design was acknowledged by Djuhara because the design was more expensive than ordinary buildings. According to him, the best practice design adds an investment of 11 percent bigger and longer Return on Assests (RoA), which reaches 11 to 12 years. Another problem that makes the application of green building difficult in Indonesia is the lack of understanding of the community about the definition of green building. Green building is considered as a building or building with green paint, even though it means nothing like that. “Here is still a misconception about green building, this is not a matter of physical appearance, but to its environmentally friendly performance,” he said.

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