Accuracy of Construction Workforce Data Important for Mapping

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Data on construction labor is needed to accurately map the number of workers in the skilled and expert categories. With accuracy, the duplication of the number of workers can be minimized, so that it is known with certainty the number of construction workers and their distribution.

As is known, the Ministry of PUPR has collaborated with the Ministry of Home Affairs to utilize population data.

With this collaboration, it is expected to accelerate the verification process of data prior to certification activities and avoid duplication of data. Generally, John said, when a construction worker registers as an expert or skilled, they will submit a KTP. If there are false indications, whether there is an inequality of photos or population numbers that cannot be traced, then decisive steps can be taken early. “Right now it still passes that way. With the existence of (cooperation with) this Dukcapil, one person is one (data). There can be no duplication anymore,” he said. John stated, fraud committed by unskilled and skilled personnel would certainly be very detrimental to the user.

For example, the expert has been accepted by the user to work. After that, he took part in the tender process and all kinds. But after the project was obtained, it turned out that he could not do it properly because it turns out the data listed on population data is different or not in accordance with the required qualifications. John admitted, until the end of 2018 his side still received dozens of such reports that came from various regions in the country. However, he said, the number of reports coming in was far less than in 2017 which reached around 100 reports. “Most cases occur in the regions because there may be higher needs and less supervision. In addition, no one really understands and checks or controls,” he said. “The most recent case occurred in Lampung. It has been processed in the court, it has already been punished. He (proven) falsified this certificate was punished by the term. We have already processed it through cyber crime Crime,” he concluded.

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