7 Famous Buildings and Places that Store Secrets

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Every major civilization usually leaves a large legacy, as if to show evidence of its past glory. In addition, the building or wonders are also a form of legitimate authority. There are also buildings that are intentionally built to prove grandeur. Archaeologists and historians also tried to trace it to find out the purpose of the establishment of the magnificent architectural heritage. Whereas, modern civilization today produces more architectural works that are not too grand, but iconic. The building to the landscape not only produces beauty, but also characterizes a city or country. However, not all architectural works can be fully understood. There are several famous buildings which until now still have many secrets.

Empire State Building (New York, USA) This building is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. In several sources of information, it was stated that this building was recorded to have 102 floors. Actually, the Empire State Building still had one floor above it. This is a room for secret observation that is unknown to date. For someone who wants to access to that location, must use the elevator and go up the narrow and steep stairs. But until now, this observation site was not open to the public.

Mount Rushmore (South Dakota, USA) Mount Rushmore is an iconic US landmark that has its own uniqueness. In the mountain section there is a four-head engraving granic famous President of the United States The four presidents were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. The sculptor is a Danish-American, Gutzon Borglum. It is said that there is a secret door behind Abraham Lincoln’s head. Until now, few people really can visit this room, because it is difficult to reach on foot.

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France) In 1889, Gustave Eiffel built this iconic tower. This building has a height of about 325 meters which is one of the tallest towers in the world. There is a secret room above the Eiffel Tower. This room, has just been opened to the public. In the process of making it, Gustave Eiffel built his own private room. The room has been repaired and holds a number of relics belonging to Gustave Eiffel, his daughter, and a famous American inventor, Thomas Alva Edison.

Grand Central Terminal (New York, USA)
This is a station located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, United States. Grand Central Terminal is listed as the largest train station in the world based on the number of train platforms. This location has 44 platforms with 67 rails and is divided into two levels. Until now, not many people knew that this location had a famous tennis court, namely Vanderbilt. The tennis court has been around since the 1960s and is at the top level. Venderbilt has one large field, a junior field and a fitness room.

Statue of Liberty (New York, USA) The Statue of Liberty is a giant building located in New York Harbor, United States. This building is a gift presented by France to the US in the 19th century. There is a building in the torch section of the Statue of Liberty. From the room, a stunning view of New York City lies. Visitors can only visit the room until 1916. This is due to an explosion on the dock near the statue. As a result, there were debris that made the stairs to the room no longer safe to pass.

Disneyland (Anaheim, USA)
Disneyland is known as a place that provides a variety of happiness with a variety of game rides. Over the years, Disneyland has brought joy to visitors. There is one unique place in Disneyland, the most mysterious restaurant in the world. Reportedly this restaurant is located in the middle of New Orleans Square, Disneyland. A restaurant called Club 33 is a five-star restaurant that cannot be accessed by the general public. There are only two ways to be able to enter the restaurant, namely to become a member or be invited directly. If you want to join as a member, it costs around 25,000 US dollars and added 12,000 US dollars per year.


Trafalgar Square (London, England) This public open space is located in the middle of London. Only people with observant eyes were able to see the hidden police station in Trafalgar Square, London. In the 1930s, Trafalgar Square was built as a place to demonstrate. This place is the main location of demonstrations from various circles. In anticipation of the bad, the British police punched each of the lights at the end of the square to watch the crowd conducting the demonstration.

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